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What is Stanley Beer Hall?

Jim Wright is an experienced operator of Stanley Beer Hall in Aurora, CO. Stanley Beer Hall is located in an old airplane hangar, once known as Stanley Aviation, giving its atmosphere a cool and unique twist. As its name suggests, Stanley Beer Hall serves up a selection of Colorado’s best craft beers for guests to taste and sample from their 37 tap self-pour beverage wall, but not all 37 taps serve beer.


Jim was presented with a challenge when he realized that not every guest wants a glass of wine or a pint of beer. He knew he had to provide something for everyone as the market around Stanley Beer Hall consists majorly of families. To meet the needs of his customers, Jim knew he had to make some changes to bring more traffic through their doors and increase their sales.


Of their 37 self-pour taps, Jim decided he needed to have two taps that only served cocktails. Since Jim was a bartender back in the day, he had a few recipes in his head. However, he knew he had to be careful with the flow meters in his self-pour system since no particles can flow through the lines – all cocktails must be filtered to remove pulp. Keeping this in mind, Jim tested out his classic margarita one day, and that’s when he realized he had his new bestseller. Averaging about one keg of margaritas a day, Stanley Beer Hall makes a whopping $250,000 from this ONE tap per year! Guests love that their cocktails are full-strength and that all of Stanley Beer Hall’s cocktails are made in-house. With the success of the self-pour margarita, Stanley Beer Hall made the decision to add a third self-pour tap for their house-made Bourbon Ginger-Cider!

Fast Facts

Children have freedom and excitement with a Self-Pour soda wall next to the beer wall

The average check is $50.01 with 54% of that coming from food sales and 46$ coming from drink sales

Customers are able to add a tip and settle the bill before they sit down so that they can speed up the seating and payment process

Open seating removed the challenges and time wasted that came from to making reservations in advance and waiting to be seated

Hear from Jim Wright at Stanley Hall

For Families, the self-tap wall allows them to both drink at their own pace, eat at their own pace and let their kids run round. Because it is such a loose structure, kids being kids doesn't disturb other guests the way it would in a traditional restaurant.
Stanley Beer Hall Efficiency
Jim Wright
Stanley Beer Hall Director of Operations