Self-pour technology

Inside the Magic Box

Our best-in-class system starts with our superior screens. Here’s the magic:

Multiple Taps Per Screen

Built to fit your space

Increase revenue, streamline operations, and delight your customers with PourMyBeverage!

See the system in action!

  • Touch-less

    Provides a touch-less and intuitive experience for the customer

  • Efficiency

    Allows you to run your bar & restaurant 4 times more efficiently

  • Integrations

    Offers Integrations with other leading partners

  • Resistant

    Is built to take the abuse of a restaurant environment

  • Flat rate pricing

    No hidden fees

  • No Wi-Fi dependency

    Does not require Wi-Fi connections


Profit increase


Lowest Cost of Ownership

Unlike other self-pour tech providers, PourMyBeverage doesn’t believe in penalizing its customers for their success, which is why we went the route of having a flat rate based on the number of screens our customers have. It’s simple math: $100 for the first screen and $20 for each additional, per month. 

We max our monthly out at $750 and it’s based on the # of screens you have. We highly recommend doing some research and crunching numbers before choosing a partner, as the per-ounce fee, commonly used by other self-pour tech companies, can add up significantly over time.

Flat fee
$ 100 for the first screen
  • $20 each additional screen
  • $750 Max fee
  • No hidden fees

Some of our customers have seen as high as 200% increase in their beverage sales!

Don’t take our word for it and check our our case studies here:

Make Your Operations More Efficient​

Customer successfully pouring with a self-pour tap

Staff-pour is what you imagine when you think of a traditional bar or drink experience. Customers order drinks from their table, and wait for a bartender to make it and then a waiter to serve it. The majority of bars, restaurants, and other entities in the hospitality industry use this traditional method of beverage dispense.

The problem? The time spent waiting can be long, especially during peak times. And in the case of a bar when the establishment is really busy, it can be almost impossible to get ahold of a bartender or a waiter in the first place, which can lead to lost sales. 

This is where self-pour beverage walls come into play!

Waste Less

Bars & Restaurants waste
Self-pour technology Waste
drink being spilled

Bars & restaurants lose as much as 23 – 28 % of their inventory to waste, with self-serve technology that can be decreased to as little as 1 – 3 %.

  • Allow customers to pour by the ounce (eliminate free samples that are paid from your own pocket)
  • Encourage customer to explore to find new favorites (while you see $$$ increased beverage sales)

Join the Self-Pour Revolution

Make Your Business Unique & Fun for the customers + Simplify Your Operations & Increase Your Beverage Sales!