Beverages on self-pour taps

What drinks should you offer on your self-pour taps?

What drinks should you offer to your customers?

First, you will need to get a good understanding of who your customers are by conducting market research when putting a business plan together. Are you planning a self-pour taproom to create a playground for adults to sample a variety of alcoholic beverages?

Are you a family-friendly restaurant where you want to provide an exciting form of entertainment for young children where they can pour and sample several types of soft drinks, lemonade, or iced tea?  Or are you a grocery store that wants to incorporate self-serve walls where customers can sample a variety of cooking oils?

Whatever you want kegged can be kegged. Meaning there is something for everyone! 

Kegging saves time and money without lowering the quality of the beverage. Waitresses and bartenders will no longer be bogged down by taking drink orders, crafting the beverage, then serving it, and customers will be thrilled to get the drink on their own time without a wait! 

What beverages can be served on draft?

self-pour beer with gloves

Self-serve beverage walls are the next big thing, so if you own a business in the food and beverage industry, now is the time to start thinking about moving toward draft drinks. So, which drinks can be poured through self-pour taps?  The simple answer is – anything that is a liquid can be kegged:

  • Wine
  • Cocktails
  • Kombucha
  • Cold Brew
  • Iced Tea 
  • Sodas
  • And much more!

Below we will explore what beverages your establishment should keg and what the benefits of each are.

Wine on Draft

If you are the kind of restaurant or bar that goes through dozens of bottles of wine weekly, wine on tap might be for you. Instead of receiving large shipments of individual bottles, one wine keg contains 26.6 bottles of wine, equalling about 120 glasses.  Kegged wine is the same wine used for bottled products, so there is no need to be traumatized by the thought of the horrid boxed wine of college days.  If your restaurant doesn’t go through wine like crazy, this could be a good way to change that. Implementing these self-serve wine walls to your establishment will reach a larger market and bring in those wine-lovers.

Benefits of Wine on Draft

  • Taste:  Kegging wine does not change the taste, it actually helps the wine keep its desired flavor.  Wineries are moving towards storing their wine in kegs to avoid overheating and oxidation and to avoid air touching the wine.  Noone likes getting served wine from a half-empty bottle that wasn’t properly stored.
  • Environmentally friendly: If your restaurant goes through a large number of wine bottles a month, week, or even night, think about the impact it has on the environment.  As mentioned earlier, one keg equals 26 bottles of wine, 26 bottles of wine contain 39 pounds of packaging waste, from the bottle itself, the boxes they came in, and the cork and foil wrappings.  Think about how much you could save by kegging!
  • Cost:  Most companies can make up for the lost cost of installing a self-serve wine wall in just six months.  Plus, customers tend to drink more because they do not have to wait for the waitress to put in their order and bring it back which results in more money.
  • Endless Options: Customers love options! Most people have a preference in the type of wine they drink, but when it comes to different brands it sometimes becomes a guessing game of which you’ll like.  Kegged wine allows the customer to pay by the ounce and test out as many options as they desire.  If they aren’t happy with the first, no problem, they can keep on testing!
  • Hit a new market: You will now be able to attract wine-lovers. 
wine on self-pour tap

Since you can keg expensive brands of wine, customers will love the option to get one glass without purchasing the whole bottle. This will make customers very happy and keep them running back.

Cocktails on Draft

Does your bar or restaurant have a popular cocktail list that almost everyone orders off?  If so, you should look into installing a draft cocktail wall.  It takes bartenders an average 45-60 seconds to craft a cocktail.  On a busy night, cocktails on draft will allow the bartenders to be more efficient, keep your customers waiting less time, and make your restaurant/ bar more money.  The quicker the cocktails go out, the quicker the customers will need a refill.

Benefits of Drafted Cocktails

Consistent taste: Bartenders make drinks differently.  If your bar has more than one bartender, each bartender cocktail will likely taste a little different.  As a customer, if you love a cocktail so much to go back for a second, you went back for a reason because you loved the way it tasted.  Cocktails on tap are all made the exact same, eliminating taste variations.

  • Higher sales: As previously stated, the quicker the cocktails are made, the quicker the customer can drink them, and the quicker they will need a refill.
  • Sampling: On a cocktail list with tons of appealing options, customers now can try all of them.  If your restaurant puts mules, margaritas manhattans, gin and tonics, and martinis on draft, who wouldn’t want to keep testing?
Cocktails on self-pour taps

Kombucha on Draft

Are you the owner of a cafe or fast-casual restaurant that places a strong emphasis on the health and fitness of your consumers?  Do you have a gym or health and fitness studio?  Consider Kombucha on tap.  Much as self-serve systems are the next big thing, so is Kombucha because sales are estimated to reach $1.8 billion within the upcoming year.  This self-serve wall will gain major attraction from the public, and your business will be flourishing. 

Benefits of Kegged Kombucha

kombucha on self-pour taps
  • Large market: Kombucha is part of a new health trend. Fitness and wellness are a booming industry with the public’s awareness of the importance of a healthier lifestyle. Going to the gym, working out, and eating and drinking clean has become a part of many people’s everyday life.  Kombucha has a lot of health benefits that many customers are after, so incorporating this interesting way of serving the beverage could result in high sales for your business.
  • Taste-testing:Although Kombucha is the new hot thing, many have still not tried the beverage.  Self-serve technology allows customers to get a feel for what the beverage is and try several different flavors to find their favorite. 

Coffee on Tap

Does your business target coffee lovers who are looking for a quick and delicious coffee on the go?  Consider installing cold brew and/or nitro coffee taps to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants.  It will eliminate brewing time and provide your customers with coffee during their time crunch.

Benefits of Coffee on Tap

  • Ready to go: When customers are on the go, they want their coffee as quickly as possible.  Cold brew coffee takes 12-24 hours to brew, and once the batch is gone, it is gone.  Putting cold brew into a keg will allow for a larger quantity to ensure if a customer wants cold brew, they will get it.  No being told “Sorry, we’re sold out” or “Sorry, come back in five hours when it finishes brewing.”
  • People love cold brew:  Cold brew is less acidic than regularly brewed coffee and is much easier on the stomach. 
  • Long shelf life: Cold brew coffee maintains taste and flavor for a long period.  Its shelf life can be as long as three weeks.  Once it is in the keg, no air can reach it, so the taste remains the same.
  • Nitro Cold Brew: Self-serving keg walls provide the technology needed to properly brew nitro coffee.  The right pressure and a faucet are required to create a velvety, rich-textured, creamy head coffee. 
self pour coffee

Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Tap

Self- serving soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and other non-alcoholic beverages is not an uncommon sight.  Many restaurants and fast-food businesses have soda walls where the customer can go up and serve themselves.  While many places allow customers to have free refills, some do not, but their customers take it into their own hands to go up and refill, some even bringing their glasses with them.  If this happens to you, consider installing pay by the ounce self-serve walls.

Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Tap

  • Options: Customers can test as many sodas as they wish while paying by the ounce. 
  • Profits: Your business will no longer be losing profits from customers who cheat the system.
  • Environmentally friendly: You will no longer sell plastic bottles of soft drinks, lemonade, iced tea, etc., so you are eliminating waste.

And The Possibilities are Endless!

The beverage industry has endless opportunities for kegging.  Anything liquid can be put into our self-pour technology.  Try thinking out of the box and finding a fun way to differentiate your food and beverage establishment from the rest.  We’ve found some interesting and different ideas of things to keg.

  • Oil & Vinegar Taprooms:  There are 160 different types of oil and dozens of different types of vinegar made from thousands of different brands. How do you choose the right one?  The answer is self-pour technology!  Allow your customers to pay by the ounce and sample all different types of oil and kinds of vinegar, and eliminate their stress of choosing the wrong one.
  • Seltzers: Alcoholic seltzers are very popular in today’s world.  More and more companies are coming out with their own version of the hard seltzer, and it becomes difficult to decide which one to pick.  The old brands are being pushed to the side as people are testing new and exciting brands.  Have your restaurant switch their hard seltzer offerings frequently to attract more customers.
Everything !!!

Why Should Your Restaurant Offer Self-Pour Options?

The options are endless when it comes time to serving things on tap.  Tapping beverages allows for employees to spend time focusing on other areas than crafting beverages and lets the customer pour their own drink on their own time.  Incorporating a self-pour wall into your establishment will keep customers happy and your products fresh.  It allows customers to experience a new and exciting way of pouring beverages and will draw new people into your business.

The first step in choosing the proper beverage (or oil) to keg is deciding who your customers are and targeting their needs.  If you keg the right product, PourMyBeverage technology will do the rest by drawing in that selected target market and giving them an experience they will never forget. 


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