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Our sister company PourMyBeer has always been more than just beer, and many self-pour locations have found self-pour cocktails to be the #1 seller. With that in mind, we went to the drawing board with our partners at Redl to create PourMyCocktail. PourMyCocktail enables servers to get drinks into customers’ hands in no time, with no bartender needed!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Once the order is taken, the server will click the cocktail on the machine, and in seconds the cocktail will begin to dispense. The machine has a 24 ingredient limit. This includes mixers, juice, and alcohol. You would be surprised how many cocktails can be made with just 24 ingredients! The image shows the inside of the cooler, and as you can see there are 24 slots for the ingredients.

The steps:

  1. Take the order from the patron
  2. Place the RFID chip on the reader
  3. Pick the cocktail
  4. It will begin to dispense!

Watch the video below 


The system is compact to fit into any establishment type. The system is 460mm long, 374mm wide, and 497mm tall. With no major installation needed, the cocktail machine can be located in the space most convenient for your staff.

Main Benefits For Operators

In a time when efficiency is vital and staffing challenges are high, it is important to turn to technology. PourMyCocktail tech ensures no customers are given their drink in record time.

✅ Increase Profits and Service Efficiency

✅ Decrease Labor 

✅ Consistent Taste – No mix ups

✅ Reduce Waste

✅ Eliminate waste by cutting down on bottles for mixers and alcohol

PourMyCocktail machine

Main Benefits For Customers

Despite not pouring themselves, consumers love the benefits self-pour cocktails bring. When a bar is busy, bartenders can get very backed up. Patrons could be waiting up to 15 minutes for a drink. Not with PourMyCocktail! With the click of a button, the drink is dispensed, making the wait time next to nothing. PourMyCocktail tech also ensures the cocktail tastes the same every time a patron orders it. What’s worse than loving a drink made by one bartender, then ordering the same drink and disliking it because it was made by someone else?

✅ Never have to wait for a drink

✅ Service improves because staff has more time to focus on customer experience

✅ Consistent tasting drink every time

Coming to the USA Soon!