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Our sister company PourMyBeer has always been more than just beer, and many self-pour locations have found self-pour cocktails to be their #1 seller. With that in mind, we went to the drawing board with our partners at Redl to create PourMyCocktail. PourMyCocktail enables your waitstaff to get drinks into customers’ hands quickly and easily, with 100% recipe consistency and no bartender needed!  And with its globally patented cleaning mechanism, the drink heads will always be clean and sanitary, unlike all other cocktail machines on the market.  Read on to find out how PourMyCocktail will supercharge your restaurant/bar operations.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Waitstaff enter their drink orders into the POS as usual, then head over to the cocktail machine, place a glass with ice and garnish under the dispenser and click on their drink order appearing on the touch screen. PourMyCocktail makes their drink in seconds and it’s ready to make the next one on the order list. 

Watch the video below from the PourMyCocktail’s launch at the National Restaurant Association Show 2022  to learn how easily PourMyCocktail delivers great-tasting cocktails in matters of just a few seconds. You can also see how PourMyCocktail’s self-cleaning (patented worldwide) hygienic system is going to keep your customers safe & your cocktails of the best quality. 


The machine can hold up to 24 ingredients including mixers, syrups, juice, and alcohol. You’d be surprised how many cocktails can be made with just 24 ingredients. (Spoiler alert: Hundreds!)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Waitstaff takes drink orders from guests and enters in the POS as usual.
  2. At the machine they fill a glass with ice and garnish and select their drink from the list queued on the touch screen.
  3. Voila, the machine makes the drink in seconds!
PourMyCocktail machine

Main Benefits For Operators

At this time of historic staffing challenges owners/operators are looking for the best automation solutions to fill the void and operate as if fully staffed. But what if that automation could also enable operating at even greater efficiency, speed, and profitability than before?  PourMyCocktail answers the call.

✅ Decreases Staffing Needs – no bartenders needed

✅ Consistent Taste – no mix ups, perfect ratio of ingredients every time

✅ Reduces Waste – no more heavy pours, and each drink is accounted for, no open bottles behind the bar

✅ Increase speed of service – makes drinks in seconds

Main Benefits For Customers

cocktail machine by PourMyBeverage

Despite not pouring for themselves, consumers love the benefits of the cocktail machine too! When a bar is busy, bartenders get swamped and wait times increase to 5, 10 or even more minutes. Not with PourMyCocktail! With the click of a button, a drink is made in a few seconds flat. PourMyCocktail also ensures consistency of quality – the cocktail tastes exactly the same every time. What’s worse than loving a drink made by one bartender, then ordering the same drink and disliking it because it was made by someone else?

✅ Never have to wait for a drink

✅ Service improves because staff has more time to focus on customer experience

✅ Consistently tasting drinks every time

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