Join the self-pour revolution!
Tap into the profits
Join the self-pour revolution!
Tap into the profits

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The perfect solution for your
The perfect solution for non-alcoholic beverages.
PourMyBeer Wall
The perfect solution for non-alcoholic beverages.

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Prior to our self pour technology, controlled management of access and the ability to measure what was dispensed across all beverages wasn’t an option. We have over 8,000 taps globally being managed by our proprietary dispense technology – PourMyBeer.

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Save YOU money

PourMyBeverage increases profits and decreases operation costs. It is the most efficient way to serve your customers without sacrificing the fun! 

How it works?

Getting access to pouring is done by customers either purchasing a pre-paid card or running a tab and accumulate a total as they pour. 

This allows the patrons to only pay for what they pour. Gaining access to beverages is done primarily through RFID.

Perfect solution for post-covid world

6 Reasons Why Self-pour Tech Is A Great Solution in the Pandemic World

1. The Number of Staff Interactions with a Given Patron is Reduced

2. Efficiency Is Increased as More Customers Serve Themselves Simultaneously

3. Busy or Concentrated Areas Are Eliminated

4. With Reduced Capacity, Self-Pour Allows Space Optimization Due to its Simpler Layout

5. Demonstrating Your Sanitizing & Disinfecting Efforts to Customers is Easier

6. Flow Of Your Customers In and Out Is Maximized Even As We Adjust to a Post Pandemic World

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